Our Mission

Mission & Vision

Our church seeks to be a contemporary, relevant 21st century church that is passionate about our community and our nation.

We believe in the local church as God’s vehicle to reach our world with a message of grace, hope, truth and love.

We believe everyone should experience the journey of connecting with God and His church, experiencing the faith, hope & love which can positively affect every area of our lives.

Values & Beliefs

We see an awesome church shaped by values that guide us and inspire us. The church we see is created as we represent clearly our purposes and ideals. We affirm that values create culture and we are clear about what we value.

What We Believe
Our motto is to love God, love people and serve our world.
We believe in one God, who inspired the writing of the Bible – our foundational document.
We believe the Bible is God’s inerrant, infallible word to us.We believe God loves us and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place.
We believe that Jesus rose from the dead having overcome every barrier including death.
We believe God seeks relationship with us through Jesus Christ.
We believe this relationship is made possible through faith in Jesus Christ.
We believe our past can be forgiven and that we can have a future worth living, as He empowers us.
We believe the local church is God’s great plan for the world.

We Value
The Atmosphere of God The Word of God The House (local church) Excellence
Growing church Family Relevance Vision Relationship Leadership

Our History

Hope! Church is the current name of a coming together of Bridge Christian Centre and Edinburgh City Church. Bridge Christian Centre was formed in the 1930’s in Musselburgh. Edinburgh City Church was a church plant by the current Senior Ministers. Although the early foundations of the church were in Musselburgh it has long been the spiritual home of people outside Musselburgh. Now the church sees itself as existing for Edinburgh and the Lothians as it has members representing all these Council areas.

The church has been part of the Assemblies of God in Great Britain since its inception in the 1930’s. The Assemblies of God is the largest or second largest Christian church in over half the countries of the world. The Assemblies of God is part of a broader Christian movement which is the fastest growing in the world, and one of the largest Christian groups on the planet.

The church has always been committed to being relevant and contemporary and has a great record of working with children and youth.

Senior Pastors

Glenn and Terri-Ann are experienced church leaders who also have business and social action experience.

Glenn and Terri-Ann have a great passion to see people of all ages reach their destiny and live their lives with purpose, integrity and influence. Their commitment to the cause of Christ is displayed by their ability to continually place value on men, women and children in the city and the church.

They are credentialed ministers with the Australian Christian Churches, of which Hillsong, Edge and Planetshakers are three of the biggest local churches. Hillsong’s international influence makes them a good reference for those wanting to know the flavour of Hope!

They took on the leadership of a small struggling church in North Queensland, Australia and saw it grow to be a large significant church from which other local churches were planted.

Prior to that they were part of a ‘revival’ which dramatically effected the traditional aborigines on a remote desert community and they have also worked amongst youth at risk in two cities in Australia.

Glenn and Terri-Ann have five children, three of whom have moved to Scotland and are involved in ministry in Hope! They are all passionate about building a powerful church which makes life better for individuals, families
and communities.