The culture of our church is intentional and flows from a passion for God and His Kingdom.

We are committed to building people so that they can live by “Kingdom culture”.  We don’t see this church as a Scottish, British or any other type of church, we believe it should be a Christ centred Kingdom culture that pervades every part of life.

We want to build a Kingdom of God culture that is established, encouraged and maintained as a corporate set of values so that people live what they believe, become ‘lights’ where they live and ‘salt’ in every place they move.

We are the church, the church is people not a building, so church is a 24/7 lifestyle.  We believe that how we live needs to be defined by The Kingdom of God culture and not our native culture.

Our culture is summed up in five core thoughts plus a number of values.  We intentionally make these the “default” settings which help define our attitudes and behaviours in life.

Motivated by the Cause of Christ – We are people driven by purpose, with activities and attitudes designed by purpose. Jesus said He had come to “seek and save that which was lost.”  He was here for this cause and we believe we are in the kingdom “for such a time as this.”

Discipleship – we choose to grow personally and to help others grow in their relationship with God.

Generosity – is a lifestyle not an amount. Generosity is expansive, large and contagious.  We believe the world of the generous grows larger and larger and our generosity has the ability to transform people, cities and nations.

Servanthood – We choose a sincere and humble desire to serve the purpose of God: to serve God, to serve in the house and to serve the vision of the house; to be true servants of God with whole-heartedness.  We support a “what ever it takes” spirit and what ever our hands find to do we’ll do it with all our might.

Flowing together – We choose unity. Learning to flow together rhythmically and easily.  We value relationships and believe that everything in our church flows from relationship. Submission to one another is flowing together in the fear of God, flowing with others and making a conscious effort to “get on with others” and build a dynamic team that is so strong that nothing will pull it down.