Church life

We believe that church is a 24/7 lifestyle, because people are the church.

We are convinced that the local church is God’s plan A for us all, and a great environment for a range of events and activities to support a 24/7 lifestyle.

We believe there are three main events / activities for people who want to be involved.

Sundays – a celebration where we all come together.
Connect Groups – small groups that make our church local to your community.
Serving teams – where we can make a contribution.

Added to that we have specific activities for children and youth.

Connect Groups

Connect groups are small groups which meet weekly at different times and places around the region. A great way to meet people, build relationships and have a great time, where we connect with God, people and Church life.

Connect Groups are an essential part of Hope! Something for everyone with groups for all ages. Connect Groups are where the crowd becomes family. Being part of a Connect Group means you can be effectively pastored and cared for whilst still being involved in a growing church.

So contact us, find a Connect Group near you, come along we want to see you there!


Hope! Church has a history of making students welcome, particularly those from Queen Margaret University. We make ourselves known at the Fresher’s Fayre and seek to provide a family and social setting to help students feel connected and involved.

Students are encouraged to be involved in the life of our church and are made welcome in every event or activity.

Youth are a key part of our church, involved at every level.

One thing remains constant…change. Here at Hope! Church we are all about seeing the young people of our region not only manage these changes but overcome, direct and set them. We believe in a generation that will turn this world upside down, as they live lives not dictated by media or culture but by a passionate, limitless God.


This is for those of you lucky enough to be at high school. We love getting together on a weekly basis @ connects and events to check out who God IS, and what impact He can have in our lives, our city and our worlds.


Hope! Kids is an exciting, modern, fun, interactive environment for children to learn. We present Jesus in a way that is relevant & fun for all! Craft, drama, puzzles and games are incorporated to make it a learning yet enjoyable experience.

While you enjoy the Sunday Service, your kids will be involved in a full Hope! Kids Program.

There is a family room with toys, seating and a speaker installed with the sound from the service piped through. This room is for parents can take children needing attention during the service.

Ages 3-12

Serving teams

We believe that serving is a basic of the Christian message. It can be a fantastic way to live out our faith. We have serving teams to suit most people. Some of our teams don’t require spirituality, some do, the one thing it takes is a willing and faithful heart with a “can do” attitude.

Our serving teams are a great way to build relationships as well as that satisfying feeling you are doing something that benefits others.

We have teams for hosting people, Kids, sound production, worship band, setup and pack down and others, plus we are developing teams that make a difference in the communities represented in our church.

If you enquire at our Info Point on a Sunday, online or by phone we can help you find a serving team that suits.